Thursday, September 14, 2006

Wolfgang Weileder: 'Transfer' curated by Milton Keynes Gallery, UK

Wolfgang Weileder


Curated by Milton Keynes Gallery transfer will be constructed between 25th of September and 15th of October 2006 at Station Square, Central Milton Keynes.

During a three week period a group of builders from R.Bau aided by students from Milton Keynes College will simultaneously construct and deconstruct a full-scale replica of Milton Keynes Gallery. The process is synchronized so that the construction and de-construction is choreographed sequentially: Each sidewall is built once at a time, so that the structure slowly moves around until transfer is completed. Over the duration of the project, the complete shell of Milton Keynes Gallery, 9 m high and 18x18 m wide, will materialise although never in its entirety.