Saturday, May 16, 2009

Jo Coupe: "The Late Shows" Workplace Gallery, Gateshead, UK

Jo Coupe

The Late Shows

Saturday 16th May 2009

7pm – 11pm

For The Late Shows Workplace Gallery presents a unique interactive installation by Jo Coupe.

The recent work of Jo Coupe exploits the aesthetics and methodologies of Science by adapting simple experiments and subverting half-understood scientific ideas, or by re-appropriating iconic imagery for its metaphorical significance. In her work, the school science experiment, alchemy and a fascination with decay unite, revealing the world as a mysteriously rational place.

 Throughout The Late Shows evening Coupe will cook a selection of mushrooms that she is currently cultivating in the lead up to her solo exhibition Fade Away and Radiate here at Workplace Gallery opening on 28th May. Coupe has been developing artworks that incorporate mushrooms and funghi for a number of years. This event unifies key conceptual elements of Coupe’s practice including her fascination with unusual material not normally associated with Art, and her ability to give significance to the natural and synthetic transformative processes that she finds in the world around us.


Jo Coupe


Bracket fungus, gold leaf, synthetic gem stones, brass rod
10 x 15 cms 
3.94 x 5.91 inches
Courtesy of the artist and Workplace Gallery, UK