Saturday, June 27, 2009

Matt Stokes: "Club Ponderosa: Closing Party" 176, London, UK

Club Ponderosa is going out with a BANG!

This Sunday 2-9pm

2pm-4pm: Potluck Picnic

And informal discussion about

Club Ponderosa past-present-future

3pm: Music starts – featuring


Visitor Q

Milly Blue

Camden Ceili Band


Paul Askew


Crofton Black, i-ality sound system

Tom Richards

Club Ponderosa is an active social space

for music, theatre, festivals and events,

which exists at 176 for the duration of

Matt Stokes’s exhibition, The Gainsborough Packet, &c.

All events at Club Ponderosa are free.

For more info visit

For details of The Gainsborough Packet, &c.,

Matt Stokes’s residency exhibition at 176, visit