Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Catherine Bertola & Laura Lancaster: "Obsession: Contemporary Art in the Lodeveans Collection" The Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery, Leeds, UK

Obsession: Contemporary Art from the Lodeveans Collection

22 September — 28 November 2009

Artworks selected from the Lodeveans Collection of contemporary art, set up by Stuart and John Evans show the diversity of artistic talent and imagination emerging on a global scale. The collecting interests of the father and son are showcased in this exhibition of thought-provoking and often challenging new work.

Opening Night: Tuesday, 22 September, 18:00-20:00

Trevor Appleson

Delphine Balley

Anna Barriball

Catherine Bertola

Sebastiaan Bremer

Joshua Cardoso

Yves Caro

Robert Currie

Flavio de Marco

Nogah Engler

Juan Fontanive

Richard Forster

Neil Gall

Richard Galpin

Andy Harper

Kay Harwood

Mustafa Hulusi

Pauline Kraneis

Laura Lancaster

Gareth McConnell

Julie Mehretu

Kim Meredew

Danny Rolph

Bob and Roberta Smith

Gary Webb

Lei Xue


Laura Lancaster

Black oil on MDFUntitled, 200640 x 30 cm

Catherine Bertola

Flight of Fancy (Manchester circa 1900) Interior 1, 2005Lambda print (Edition of 5, 1/5)6.2 x 10.9 cm