Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Catherine Bertola: 'Wonderwall' Temple Newsam House, 2nd Dec 2009 - 9th May 2010

Catherine Bertola, Everything and Nothing (detail) 2007, Collected dust, paper, glue and varnish
Catherine Bertola, Everything and Nothing, 2007, Collected dust, paper, glue and varnish. Commission for the V&A Museum, UK


300 Years of wallpaper

An anthology of historic papers from the Roger Warner collection

2nd December 2009 - 9th May 2010

Temple Newsam House
Temple Newsam Road
Leeds, LS15 0AE

Wonderwall showcases wallpapers from the seventeenth to the twentieth century. Taken from the never before exhibited collection of the antiques dealer Roger Warner, it comprises of fine papers, leather hangings and designs from unknown makers and great names of British design. Accompanying the exhibition is a special commission from the artist Catherine Bertola.
Bertola's practice involves creating work that responds to existing sites, objects and materials; whether that is a particular building, a collection of photographs or a museum archive. She uses the given history and context as a starting point, from which to physically interrogate and enhance the poetics of that site, by embedding her own perishable traces and adding additional layers of meaning for the viewer.
A specially commissioned installation will be in Miss Scot's room throughout the duration of the exhibition