Thursday, June 24, 2010

Paul Merrick & Miles Thurlow: "Brut, Brut" Edinburgh Annuale, 26 June - 1st July 2010

Brut, brut

Graeme Durant
Owen Piper
Paul Merrick
Miles Thurlow

2F1 32 Sandport Street
Edinburgh, EH6 6EP

27th June - 1st July 2010
Preview: Saturday 26th June 6 - 8pm

Edinburgh Annuale
Co-ordinated by Embassy, Edinburgh

Graeme Durant's work stems from personal reflections upon certain materials and their transformations. Durant reorders a formalist sculptural vocabulary of form, volume and matter to play host to personal memory and experience. Form and function are not clearly assignable in his work, but are a type of argument with the objects we recognize and aesthetically accept. Graeme Durant was born in 1987 in North Shields UK and currently lives and works in Newcastle upon Tyne having completed a BA in Fine Art at Northumbria University in 2009.

Owen Piper often constructs replicas of existing objects in alternative materials, creating a space where the boundaries between sculpture, furniture and abstract structures are blurred. Usually employing domestic materials Piper alters and amplifies the final construction allowing interplay between scale, subject, and meaning. Owen Piper has exhibited at Tramway, Glasgow and Witte de With, Rotterdam, Holland. Recent exhibitions include a solo show at Kaiserpassage 16/21a, Karlsruhe, Germany, Inbox: Glasgow, Centro Nacional de las Artes, Mexico City, and Busco Similar at Collective Gallery, Edinburgh.

Paul Merrick combines painting with sculpture, and the made with the ready-made. Investigating colour, shape and architectural arrangement whilst consistently referencing back to Painting as a subject and discipline in and of itself. 'Raised Painting' series is a continuation of his interrogation of painting and process in relation to the found object. A scrap aluminium surface is raised above the floor supported by modular utilitarian fluorescent lighting units, semi clad in sterling board to reveal the innards within reminiscent of a defunct and stripped back Donald Judd style minimal sculpture which asserts itself through challenging and beguiling the viewer to accept it as Art.
Miles Thurlow makes sculpture, drawing and site-specific work. His work is deliberately paradoxical - at once conceptually sophisticated and yet aesthetically bare. Referencing the demise of modernism and the rise of quick fix, cheap alternatives; his work investigates the architecture of modern day living and our relationship with the products of consumer culture. Recent exhibitions include Tomorrow The Future, Fishmarket Gallery Northampton, King Fisher's Tales, Union, London, Good Riddance, MOT International, London and Morro, Projecto 270, Lisbon, Portugal. Thurlow is co founder and co Director of Workplace Gallery, Gateshead with Paul Moss.