Thursday, July 01, 2010

Mike Pratt: "JAMBON" Moving Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne, 01-15 July 2010


Moving Gallery
Location: Former Coroners Court Building,
Beneath the Swing Bridge, Quayside,
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
01 - 15 July 2010

Preview: 01 July 2000 - Late

Andrew Maughan
Andrew Sandercock
Graeme Durant
Mike Pratt
Richard Moat
Michael Haddock

Jambon are a recently formed arts group of five members (Andrew Maughan, Andrew Sandercock, Graeme Durant, Mike Pratt and Richard Moat).

Leading both an independent and collaborative practice, the members of JAMBON use the model of the group show (although they do not limit themselves to this outlet) when exhibiting together - in order to cross-examine their disparate commonalities.

Recent activity by the independent members include Brut, Brut, Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh, UK (Graeme Durant), Cumberland Sausage, Extraspazio Gallery, Rome, Italy (Mike Pratt) and Bilderberg 2010: Don't call it a pow-wow! Auth Charlie Skelton, The Guardian, June 2010 (Andrew Maughan).

Mike Pratt
Bombay-Badboy pII,
crystical, wood, enamel paint, foam, wire, wool fabric and parcel tape
159 x 65 x 106 cm (MP0120)