Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Peter J. Evans: "Render10" Curtis Mayfield House (former Globe Gallery), Newcastle, UK


Peter J. Evans
Thomas Gray
Oliver Marchant
Dave McNicol
John O'Shea
Travis Roush
Joey Scully
Davy Smith
Abraham Thomas

Opening: September 23rd, 2010, 7PM
Exhibition: 24 - 27 September 2010, 12PM - 7PM
Curtis Mayfield House (former Globe Gallery)
Carliol Square East Pilgrim Street
Newcastle upon Tyne
United Kingdom

Free admission

Culture Lab, Newcastle University announces an exhibition of featuring creative digital media works from the Culture Lab research community.

RENDER 10 presents the forward-looking scenarios of contemporary audiovisual experimenters from the Digital Media Masters of Research course, as well as members of the Culture Lab research community. Focusing on live media, performance, expanded reality, interactive video and sound installation, the exhibition comprises a range of new projects addressing technology and media with a critical, empirical and often playful approach.

RENDER 10 is a student-led exhibition hosted and supported and organized by Digital Media at Culture Lab (Newcastle University). We strive to create opportunities for public engagement with and accessibility of research at the cusp of contemporary technological and creative practice. RENDER 10 is the second in an annual series of temporary exhibition environments created by staff and students of Culture Lab.

Digital technologies are extensions not only of our physicality but also of our imagination, continuously reshaping our relationships with the outside world, addressing. With the works on display RENDER 10, now intimate technologies of our present and future everyday are to be seen at their most creative, inventive, and often critical. This years' exhibition includes works specifically focused to issues of memory, materiality, time, as well as the limits and delimitations of human activity and possibility. 
Culture Lab is a unique research infrastructure providing an environment for academics and practitioners working beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries. Culture Lab promotes socially and economically valuable synergies with artists, creative industries, cultural and scientific institutions and the development of innovative research with digital tools.


Peter J. Evans
Für Immer, 2010
Birch ply, ash, oak, steel, drawing table, blackboard paint, chalk, felt, transmission belts, pulleys, stepper motors, stepper drivers, power supply, solenoid, custom spring, breadboard, Arduino, steel cable gland, switch, cabling, screws and glue.
Courtesy of the artist and Workplace Gallery
With thanks to Logotech Display Solutions, Dr J.H.Evans, Tim Knapen, Kyle McDonald, Tom Schofield, Joey Scully, & Robert E. Taylor