Friday, July 01, 2011

Sophie lisa Beresford: "Friendship of the Peoples" Simon Oldfield Gallery, London, UK

Friendship of the Peoples

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Friendship of the Peoples invites twenty artists to propose one other, to build a community of forty artists, all showing uniform size works on paper. Text based or image led, the core unifying factor is that all artists have created a work that is rooted in the idea of a poster. This dynamic exhibition includes photography, painting, print, collage and drawing; exploring our willingness to conform and belong to a community, whilst at the same time expressing a desire to strike out and assert our identity.

Crucially, there is no overt or deliberate shared intent or theme, other than the artists uniting around the ethos of a poster; a powerful tool of mass communication. The collective works will function as a group that sits somewhere between a communicative role and the symbolic; allowing an engagement with the individual existing within a community.

The forty works will have come from each artist's particular journey but together will reflect the rousing nature of the poster and the calling to peoples to take part in an event which may be fleeting but captures the spirit of the time.