Friday, March 08, 2013

Cecilia Stenbom: "CROCODILE TEARS – GLAMOUR THROUGH THE EYES OF MEDIA ART" Tampere Film Festival 2013, Finland

Image: Cecilia Stenbom (I'm having) the Time of My Life  2004, Single Channel Video, Duration: 2:50 minutes, Courtesy of the artist and Workplace Gallery, UK 


The AV-arkki exhibition Crocodile Tears is at Gallery Rajatila March 7th-13th as part of Tampere Film Festival 2013


Glamour signifies the golden age of Hollywood cinema, movie stars and extravagance. It is magic and enchantment. Av-arkki's presentation series Crocodile tears aims to break down our preconceptions of glamour.

Salli Tykkä's Lasso shows us the moment of enchantment. In Minna Suoniemi's Big Bad, the princess takes on the role of the monster. Cecilia Stenbom's (I'm having) the Time of My Life examines a person's relationship with their idol; the film is an interpretation of Dirty Dancing (1987). Niina Lassila's Woman and Tero Puha's Nightshift explore desire and desirability.

The world of music, fashion and sports shape our ideas of beauty and desirability. Marko Lampisuo's We Wanted to Be Bad tells the story of four heavy metal musicians endeavouring to become rock stars. Liisa Lounila's Gig points the camera at the audience, at posing and the importance of being seen. Sasha Huber's I Love JaNY is the story of Jany Tomba, who moved from Haiti to New York, and became one of the first black supermodels. Hanna Haaslahti's Solarium concentrates on an athlete's physical performance. The presentation series closes with Seppo Renvall's Black, a farewell to a star: the picture of an idol slips out of our reach.