Monday, February 23, 2009

Darren Banks & Cath Campbell: "The Golden Record" Battersea Arts Centre, London, UK

The Golden Record
Vote for the Representative of the Human Race!
N2O Comedy Festival @ Battersea Arts Centre, Lavender Hill
Wednesday 18th February 8pm
This year at the Edinburgh Festival, artists and comedians came together to re-make Carl Sagan's Golden Record, as launched into space with the Voyager missions in 1977 in an attempt to communicate with intelligent extraterrestrials. You can find full details and images from the exhibition at, which included work by around 150 artists and performers including Kevin Eldon, Bob and Roberta Smith, Paul Foot, Socialist magician Ian Saville, David Godbold, Dan Perjovschi, Michael Kupperman, NY ventriloquist Carla Rhodes and Vice-President of the International Association of Astronomical Artists David A Hardy.

The 2008 edition of The Golden Record featured live comedy husting events during the Edinburgh Festival to elect a Representative for the Human Race, to deliver the keynote address on our behalf to replace the original by Kurt Waldheim. Nine comedians delivered their proposed 15-minute speeches over the Festival in a series of heats – the audience vote decided the winner. The candidates were Stewart Lee, Josie Long, Pappy's Fun Club, Robin Ince, Alex Horne, Jo Neary, New Art Club, Edward Aczel and Simon Munnery.

The winners of those three heats will perform at BAC in this Grand Finale in which it will be decided exactly who will Speak to the Aliens on Our Behalf. They are STEWART LEE, ALEX HORNE and ROBIN INCE. Your vote counts! After a short intro to the project, JOHN HEGLEY will take over to host. Complex machinery will assess audience response to find our elected representative.

Box Office: 020 7223 2223 - tickets £10, (£6 concs)