Thursday, February 05, 2009

Wolfgang Weileder: "Le Terme e La Sirena", gallery Ciocca Arte Contemporanea, Milan, Italy

Wolfgang Weileder

Le Terme e La Sirena

From 5th February to 9th April 2009

Opening on Thursday 5th of February at 6:30 pm

On Thursday 5th of February the gallery Ciocca Arte Contemporanea will be inaugurating a solo show of the German artist Wolfgang Weileder, with a compilation of black and white and color photographs, that document and summarize his artistic research during the last year.

The show complete the work started with the project Le Terme, a time based site-specific sculpture performed during last October in Piazza Oberdan, and inspired by Diurno Venezia: a derelict 1920's public bathhouse situated directly beneath the square.

The project, simultaneously constructed and de-constructed, was recorded using photographic cameras , strategically positioned around the sculpture. This process produced five black and white photographs, that ultimately reveal the work's production and the only complete view of the replica of Diurno Venezia. Images that are the ghost of the architecture already vanished.

Two color photographs describe this event with a particular technique: the image is composed by thin vertical strips, that are the same part of the same shot, during different moments of the project.

The exhibition also includes four photographs concerning the Slapende Meermin project (that means "sleeping mermaid") realized in Leuven Belgium, and inspired by one of the historical building of the city, name called "mermaid" from the café. The sculpture was a full-scale copy of the façade of this building turned by 90 degrees, appearing like a physic manifestation of the building's shadow.

Wolfgang Weileder's work, both architectural and photographic, explores the borders between temporary and permanent architecture, founding a connection between past, present and future.