Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cecilia Stenbom: "Festival for Expanded Media" Stuttgart, Germany

Cecilia Stenbom
The Rescue, 2010
Single Channel HD Video
Duration 3:57 Minutes

The 25th Stuttgart Film Festival incorporating the Festival for Expnaded Media runs from 19 to 22 Film in January 2012 in Stuttgart, Germany. The festival promotes an interdisciplinary approach to film, visual arts and new media. It is a combination of multimedia installations, video art, screenings of feature, documentary and short films.

Independent Jury's have selected from more than 70 films and video works along with installation works around the themes of Network Culture and how role models for men and women are treated in mainstream media.

In The Rescue Stenbom has taken interview extracts from "Rescue 911", an American docu-drama of the 1990s about real life rescues, and remade them with her playing all the interviewees: the 911 dispatcher, the police officer, the paramedic, the fireman, the doctor and the nurse.

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