Saturday, January 28, 2012

Eric Bainbridge: "LIMITED/UNLIMITED" Altaroma, Rome, Italy

Image: Eric Bainbridge Untitled, 2010 Collage on Paper

28th - 31st January, 2012
Piazza Manfredo Fanti, 47  

LIMITED/UNLIMITED is the project/showcase developed by Silvia Venturini Fendi, which represents the new soul of Altaroma to promote the luxury niche whose heritage, in Rome, lies in superior quality creaftmanship. The creativity of the designers invited to take part in the event - hailing both from Rome and other parts of Italy - together with a number of ever present international quests - encounters superior level craftmanship and sartorial tradition.

Now in its fourth edition, sa is customary, LIMITED/UNLIMITED continues to showcase "Unique Pieces" : garments, accessories and jewellery that interpret the concept of the uniquness of Haute Couture. The theme of this edition is "HOMAGE" - a recurring expression often used in reviews on fashion shows and in interviews with designers to describe the spirit of the collections showcased and their sources of inspiration. Each object displayed will be a "small object of desire" which in some way pays "homage" to an individual, an idea or a vision, which has as a strong inspirational source for each one of them.

Eric Bainbridge will show a selection of new collages gleamed from fashion and architectural magazines.

Courtesy the Artist and Workplace Gallery