Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mike Pratt and Miles Thurlow: "Title" NewBridge Space, Newcastle, UK

Top: Mike Pratt 'Some Hole' 2012, Enamel and Sericol on Canvas, 230 x 160cm, Courtesy the artist and Workplace Gallery. Bottom: Miles Thurlow 'All things are equal, constant and turning (Mystic Ring)' 2012, Epoxy Resin, 120 x 60 x 60cm, Courtesy the artist and Workplace Gallery


Rachel Adams

Luca Bertolo

Samantha Donnelly

Graeme Durant

Andrew Maughan

Mike Pratt

Miles Thurlow


TITLE explores a re-emergence of non-objectivity among a new generation of artists who share an interest in constructing images and objects through the build-up of materials and surfaces. The works develop from and engage in their own materiality as stuff is manipulated in to things. Rather than a concept or an idea it's often the materials that act as a starting point and through kinaesthetic processes, trial and error and experimentation, are assembled into new forms/objects/things. The human qualities (mistakes, slippages, imperfections and unexpected results) become integral both to the form of the work and the viewer's reading of it.


Preview: 6 - 9pm Thursday 11th April 2013

Open Monday 15th April, 10am - 5pm & by appointment


Newbridge Space

18 Newbridge Street

Newcastle, UK