Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Peter J Evans at Spacex, Exeter

Peter J Evans
Spacex, Exeter

19 May - 14 July 2007
Fascinated by systems and patterns, Evans explores how such structures can be found even in supposed chaos. Ideas about movement, memory, time, the un-quantifiable, and aesthetic beauty inform his practice, which finds an affinity with Russell Hoban's wrtings concerning 'the moment under the moment'. He seeks to create metaphorical maps of the visible and invisible links between objects and sensations, combining the concrete and the philosophical.

Spacex presents the first solo exhibition by Peter J. Evans comprising new works which will occupy, inhabit and rupture the gallery space through intricate layered wall drawings and floor-based structures. These works seek to describe the silent spaces within each moment, when things are moving, shifting into new ground, syncing or dispersing.

Cath Campbell: 'Build It and They Will Come' The Travelling Gallery

Build It and They Will Come
The Travelling Gallery

Cath Campbell
Donna Conlon
Will Duke
Matthew Houlding
Toby Paterson
Susie Wright

Touring 12th April to 29th June 2007

The brand new Travelling Gallery vehicle begins its first tour this April with an exhibition featuring artists whose work is inspired by architecture and the built environment. The exhibiting artists are Cath Campbell, Donna Conlon, Will Duke, Matthew Houlding, Toby Paterson and Susie Wright. Matthew Houlding will show new work commissioned specially for the new Travelling Gallery and as a response to the new design.

The concept of the exhibition was inspired by the process of commissioning and building the new Travelling Gallery. This involved working with architects Sutherland Hussey for the interior and artist Mandy McIntosh, who created the exterior design.

The exhibition will be complemented by a series of artist-led workshops and events, focussing on design and architecture and will include a full colour Education Pack for venues/groups.

To find out if the gallery will be visiting a venue near you, have a look at the current tour dates and locations page.