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Laura Lancaster - Preview - Friday 1st February, 6-9pm at Workplace Gallery

Image: Laura Lancaster M, 2013, Oil on Linen, 230 x 180 cm, Courtesy of the artist and Workplace Gallery, UK.


Laura Lancaster 

Conversations Behind Glass

2nd February 2013 - 9th March 2013

Tuesday - Saturday, 11am - 5pm

(or by appointment)




Preview: Friday 1st February, 6 - 9pm



Workplace Gallery is pleased to present Conversations Behind Glass our third solo exhibition of work by Laura Lancaster. 


Through a new body of large-scale works Laura Lancaster continues her ongoing investigation into the relationship between the photograph and human presence mediated through painting. The exhibition is comprised of two distinct and complimentary series of works: Lancaster's paintings of text written upon found photographs, and a recent series of paintings extracted from an ongoing collection of anonymous photographs of gravesides.


In Lancaster's 'Text series' the informal captions or notes made upon the backs or margins of photographs are raised to monumental status. These works are reductive in terms of their pictorial content, focusing upon the painting of the handwritten mark of the photographer within the physical properties of the printed photograph. Lancaster's 'Graveside series' further examines the problematic correlation between the human, the referent, and the monument and the slippage between representation and abstraction. On the relationship between the two series Lancaster writes:


    I was interested in the idea of taking away all extraneous information from the source material and arriving at a visual summary of the image and our associations with them - a whole complex moment in time and relation between the photographer and subject summed up in one statement. On a formal level it was a new kind of linear mark I was making on a field of colour, which connects with the idea of remembrance through me re-enacting the movements of someone else's hand through their writing. The writing on the photographs reminds me of the Victorian cult of remembrance, and their trend of mounting or collaging photos with pressed flowers or with bracelets made from loved ones hair. As with the text, these are all attempts to make a memory more real, as if the photograph won't be effective enough. These works also highlight the photographs as objects that have experienced their own time evidenced by wear and tear and marks on their surface. They have been owned by loved ones and carried around in wallets and albums, in a life that we can never know, so there is a sense of compounded time a moment held and suspended within the image, and the span of time that the photograph itself has existed. The economy of a moment in time becoming one line of text relates very strongly to headstones, where a whole life lived becomes a name and two dates and a summary of all their relationships in one line. I don't see this as morbid, but instead find this simplicity reassuring. 


I chose to paint from anonymous found snapshots of gravesides as I had gathered a number of them and was curious to know how the feel of my work would change if I took on the relationship between painting, photography and death in a more direct way. It seemed odd to me to take photographs of gravesides and I wanted to investigate why these images intrigued me so much.  I was drawn to the idea of a lack of a central figure, and how the monochrome nature of the paintings would relate to my interest in the push and pull between figuration and abstraction. These paintings are an attempt to investigate the relationship between photography and death in a direct way - Roland Barthes quotes: 'he is dead and he is going to die' referring to a photograph of a prisoner about to be hanged and the idea that a photograph holds the subject in suspension, forever alive, and yet as a viewer with hindsight we know that that subject has since died. In my previous work my concern was with the idea that the painting process could somehow resurrect forgotten subjects whilst also dealing with the dead matter of paint becoming alive at the same time. Reinvigorating these 'dead' photos with life and movement whilst at the same time acknowledging their own failure as effective aide-mémoire. With these graveside works the failure of the photograph to accurately re-invoke the person is central and the headstone becomes symbolic of this failure. The headstone will probably outlast the photograph, whereas the photographs that I have collected outlast their subjects. Both the photograph and the headstone are emotive points of contact for those out of reach, yet they are equally flawed, as is a painting. 


In both of these series the paintings are not figurative, but are a kind of portrait. The usual central figure is replaced by a monument to a person leaving the feeling of a presence twice removed. For me this sense of absence highlights our human need to be remembered and our fear of being forgotten.  Perhaps these graveside photos are also symbols for something unreachable, unknowable and abstract.


Laura Lancaster was born in 1979 and lives and works in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. Recent Exhibitions include: John Moores Painting Prize, Liverpool Bienalle 2012, Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle, Kunstmuseum Bern, Switzerland, Museum of Modern Art St Etienne, Palazzo Della Arte Napoli, Museum of Modern Art Oxford, Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art.


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Matt Stokes: "Social Sound" Kunstinitiatief VHDG, The Netherlands

Matt Stokes 'Jubilee Dancer', 2011, 16mm film with audio, Duration 01:30 minutes, looped, edition of 3 plus 1 artist's proofs (MS0053), Courtesy of the artist and Workplace Gallery

Social Sound

Kunstinitiatief VHDG

January 5th - February 16th, 2013
Blokhuispoort, Leeuwarden

Social Sound / Art about music and what life sounds like

The art initiative VHDG presents Social Sound, an exhibition and performance program about the social function of music. Social Sound takes place from the 5th of January until the 16th of February 2013 and illustrates how artists investigate the social role of music. The central location is a former prison, De Blokhuispoort, in Leeuwarden. Additional projects will be launched in the city centre.

Social Sound presents existing and new work of Dutch and international artists, including:
Jeremy Deller (GB)
Matt Stokes (GB)
David First (USA)
Merlijn Twaalfhoven (NL)
Ferhat Özgür (TR)
Steven Jouwersma (NL)
Mediengruppe Bitnik (CH)
Marijn van Kreij (NL)
Katarina Zdjelar (SRB)
Bouke Groen (NL)
Tellervo Kalleinen & Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen (FI)
Elke Uitentuis & Nienke Jansen (NL)
Toon Fibbe (NL)
The Little Sisters of Gay Mutton (NL)
Elena Bajo (ES)

The exhibited works examine issues that are present in society today, showing how artists interact and question the role that music plays in these matters.

During the exhibition visitors can also visit the Sonic Restaurant of David First where people will be served sound. The unconventional concert adventure "The Air We Breathe" of Merlijn Twaalfhoven will be performed in the cellblock of the monumental prison. A newly established Complaints Choir in Leeuwarden, a project of Tellervo Kalleinen and Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen, will give complaining Leeuwardeners a new voice. These projects are complemented by a program of lectures, workshops, concerts and other activities in the public realm.

More information (in Dutch) is to be found at www.social-sound.nl

Visiting hours
January 5th - February 16th 2013.
Monday – Saturday 12 - 5 PM

Visitor information
VHDG, Social Sound
Voormalig gevangenis De Blokhuispoort
Blokhuisplein 40
8911 LJ Leeuwarden

Admission free

Kunstinitiatief VHDG

Social Sound // Art about music and what life sounds like
05.01 - 16.02 2013
Blokhuispoort Leeuwarden

Jo Coupe: 'Easy Does It' David Dale Gallery, Glasgow

Jo Coupe, Mint, 2011, White Stick n Fix, 22 Carrat Gold Leaf, Lab Grown Synthetic Gemstones, 6 x 4 cm (JCP0088), Courtesy of the artist and Workplace Gallery

easy does it

The first in an evolving trilogy of exhibitions curated by Kevin Hunt examining the complexity inherent within the simplest of actions.

Carwyn Evans
Fiona Curran
Hannah James
Jo Addison
Jo Coupe
Kevin Hunt
Leo Fitzmaurice
Sean Edwards
Tom Godfrey
Tom Ireland

Preview: 01/02/13, 19:00 - 21:00
Exhibition: 02/02/13 - 23/02/13
Open: Thurs - Sat,  12:00 - 17:00
Or by appointment

David Dale Gallery & Studios
161 Broad Street
G40 2QR
44 (0) 141 2589124

Matt Stokes: Sextantetplus - Marseilles, France

Matt Stokes 'Long After Tonight', 2005, Super 16mm Film and Audio transferred to DVD, Duration 6:45 Minutes, edition of 3 plus 1 artist's proofs (MS0010) Courtesy of the artist and Workplace Gallery

expo / VOLUPTÉ


exposition du 8 janvier au 30 mars
galerie du 5ème des galeries Lafayette St Ferréol, Marseille

Depuis juin 2012, les membres de Marseille expos, dont Sextant et plus, assurent la programmation du nouvel espace d’exposition du 5ème étage des Galeries Lafayette avec trois expositions inspirées du célèbre triptyque baudelairien “Luxe, calme et volupté”. Pour Le dernier volet de cette trilogie, aux côtés des œuvres de Clémence Agnez, Michel Auder, Béatrice Cussol, Alessio Delfino, Rob De Oude, FRP2, Julien Friedler, Sohyun Kim, Laurent Le Forban, Grégory Le Lay, Natacha Lesueur, Karine Maussière, Julie Perin, Steve Veloso et João Vilhena, Sextant et plus a le plaisir de vous présenter celles de Claire Dantzer, Jesper Just et Matt Stokes


Cath Campbell: Mostyn Open 18, Llandudno, Wales

Cath Campbell 'For I have known them all already, known them all" (#2,3,1) 2012, UV print on powder-coated aluminium, each 236 x 196 cm, Courtesy of the artist and Workplace Gallery


19 January 2013 - 14 April 2013

Selected by:
Alfredo Cramerotti, Director of MOSTYN

Adam Carr, Curator of MOSTYN
Ryan Gander, artist
and the visiting audience, for the People's Choice.

Participating artists:
Jacqueline Bebb
Jane Bustin
Cath Campbell
Tomas Chaffe
Danilo Correale
Sean Edwards
Alex Farrar
Claudio Gobbi
Gareth Griffith
The Hut Project
Yuki Kishino
Lawrence Leaman
James Lewis
Stuart Middleton
Edward Morgan
Philip Newcombe
John Henry Newton
Laura Reeves
Zhao Renhui
Hua Kuan Chen Sai
Chris Shaw-Hughes
Nikolaus Schletterer
Mathew Tom
Alaena Turner
Gwyn Williams
Jesse Wine

Since its inception in 1989, MOSTYN Open has functioned as a call-out to artists of any age and residing place to enter, with an exhibition of the selected artworks taking place at MOSTYN, and a prize of 10,000 GBP awarded to a single artist or collective.

While continuing in this tradition, this 18th edition will also bring a fundamental addition. A prize of 1,000 GBP will be given to the People's Choice, determined by the artist who receives the most votes from the visiting public during the exhibition's run. In doing so, the questions that are raised, and central to this renewed edition, are: How do we examine and judge artwork? What criteria do we bring to perceiving, interpreting and understanding artwork? What really makes our favourite? Visitors are invited to make their selection at the People's Choice voting booth.

12 Vaughan Street, Llandudno
LL30 1AB  Wales, UK
Hours: Tuesday -Sunday, 10:30 -5pm


Mike Pratt: 'Theatrical Dynamics' Torrance Art Museum, Los Angeles, USA

Theatrical Dynamics

Torrance Art Museum

January 21st - March 9th, 2013

Tuesday - Saturday
From 11 am - 5 pm
Closed Sunday, Monday, and all major holidays

Theatrical Dynamics
Curated by David Leapman
Bringing together a group of artists concerned with the way our brains cope with the desire to create emotional and psychological forms.

Marsia Alexander Clarke

Mark Dutcher

Stuart Elliot

Neil Gall

Vincent Hawkins

David Leapman

Lee Maelzer

Heather Gwen Martin

Douglas McCulloh

David McDonald

Naida Osline

Mike Pratt

James Rielly

Hannah Schwadron

Sarah Sparkes

Daniel Sturgis

Torrance Art Museum
3320 Civic Center Drive
Torrance, CA 90503, USA
telephone: 310.618.6340
web: http://www.torranceartmuseum.com/future.php

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Last chance to see: Marcus Coates '185x49x26cm' at Workplace Gallery

Image: Marcus Coates All The Grey Animals, 2012, MDF, Grey Paint, Dimensions Variable (MC0154) Photo: Joe Clark. Courtesy of the artist and Workplace Gallery, UK

Marcus Coates


Closes Saturday 19th January 5pm.
Workplace Gallery is open 11am - 5pm Tuesday - Saturday, or by appointment.

To view installation images and download a full press release please follow the link below


Next exhibition preview:

Laura Lancaster
Friday 1st February 2013
6pm - 9pm

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Workplace Gallery at Art Los Angeles Contemporary 2013

Image: Jacob Dahlgren Leeds 1982, 2012, Plastic Coffee Cups and Aluminium, 180 x 140 x 18 cm (70 7/8 x 55 1/8 x 7 in), Courtesy of the artist and Workplace Gallery, UK

Eric Bainbridge
Marcus Coates
Jacob Dahlgren
Laura Lancaster
Mike Pratt
Richard Rigg

Art Los Angeles Contemporary 2013
January 24 - 27, 2013

The Barker Hangar
3021 Airport Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90405

for a full list of available works please email: info@workplacegallery.co.uk

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mike Pratt and Miles Thurlow: "Jesmonite on Paper" Malgras Naudet, Manchester, UK

Top: Mike Pratt 'Some Hole' 2012, Enamel and Sericol on Canvas, 230 x 160cm, Courtesy the artist and Workplace Gallery. Bottom: Miles Thurlow 'All things are equal, constant and turning (Mystic Ring)' 2012, Epoxy Resin, 120 x 60 x 60cm, Courtesy the artist and Workplace Gallery

Jesmonite on Paper

Rachel Adams

Luca Bertolo

Samantha Donnelly

Graeme Durant

Andrew Maughan

Mike Pratt

Miles Thurlow


Jesmonite on Paper brings together seven artists with a shared interest in constructing images and objects through the build-up of materials and surfaces. The exhibition explores a re-emergence of non-objectivity amongst a new generation of artists. The works develop from and engage in their own materiality as stuff is manipulated in to things. The things are constructed through kinaesthetic processes, trial and error and experimentation, and the human qualities (mistakes, slippages, imperfections and unexpected results) become integral both to the form of the work and the viewer's reading of it.


Preview: 6 - 9pm Friday 11th January 2013

Exhibition continues until 1st February 2013

Open Fridays 12 - 6pm & by appointment



72 Chapeltown Street


M1 2WH, UK

Tel: 07811 267 752

Email: malgrasnaudet@gmail.com

FB: /malgrasnaudet

Twitter: @malgrasnaudet

Web: http://malgrasnaudet.tumblr.com

Darren Banks: 'MAGNUM OPUS' N/V_Projects , London, UK


Private view: Thursday, 10th January 2013 / 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Exhibition continues until 26th January 2013
Thursday - Saturday 1-5 pm

The Dye House, 33 Nutbrook Street, London SE15 4JU

Darren Banks
Simon Davenport
Leo Fitzmaurice
Matthew Johnstone
James McLardy
Daniel Shanken
Anna Chrystal Stephens
Gesa Troch
Nina Wakeford
Lewis Teague Wright

The exhibition puts forward a selection of sculptural propositions of an emerging generation of promising artists. The Dye House´s generous space offers the opportunity to present a conglomeration of several larger works and expansive installations to be shown in relation to one another without infringing on the individual pieces´ respective comfort zones. The sculptural bodies, which inhabit the space are being made to feel at ease, so they can confidently take their place in relation to their accomplices and hatch new plans together, as well as respectively creating new dialogues between the artists and their works. While shapes are distinct to their producer's vision, once released out of the studio and into the playing field of a space dedicated to welcoming them in their diversity, each object or idea takes a turn in resonating with the population of hard edges and soft curves, flimsy tarps and raspy surfaces. Vibrations are transmitted and received, truncated, distorted and spewn back again.