Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Darren Banks: 'Like a Monkey With a Miniature Cymbal' Aid & Abet, Cambridge, UK

Image: Darren Banks Remote Objects, 2013 Looped Video (DB0081) Courtesy of the artists and Workplace Gallery, UK


Like a Monkey with a Miniature Cymbal

Preview: Thursday 18th July 2013 7 - 9pm

Open: 19 July - 17 August 2013

Thursday - Saturday 12-7pm


Zanne Andrea | Darren Banks | Nicholas Carrick | Rhys Coren | Martyn Cross Gordon Dalton | Lloyd Durling | Tracey Eastham | Thomas Goddard | Anton Goldenstein | S Mark Gubb | Pat Flynn | Neal Jones | Brendan Lancaster | Marion Piper | Yelena Popova | Laura Reeves | Anthony Shapland | Ian Watson


Aid & Abet are pleased to present Like a Monkey with a Miniature Cymbal, a large group exhibition of UK based artists curated by Mermaid & Monster. Like a Monkey with a Miniature Cymbal is an exhibition about obsessions, repetition, perseverance and the drive needed to carry on, as an artist, or in any way of life. This can be found in the subject matter and methods used, as well as in knowing (or sometimes not knowing) what you are doing, or where you are going. What is the intense belief or energy needed to make you get out of bed each day, often to little attention or small reward? Could it be that despite all of life's trials and tribulations, it could be, whisper it, 'fun' that you actually enjoy it, like a monkey with a miniature cymbal.


Aid & Abet, Station Road, Cambridge, CB1 2TZ

Aid & Abet is situated close to Cambridge Railway Station, next to Cambridge Station Cycles. It is best to visit on foot or via public transport, but if you are driving there is pay and display parking in the station car park.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Jacob Dahlgren, Jennifer Douglas & Paul Merrick: 'Surface' Gallery@ The Civic, Barnsley, UK

Above: Paul Merrick Untitled (Table| Table), 2011 Wood, steel, acrylic (PME0108)
Below: Jennifer Douglas Misery #2 (Acid Green) , 2012 Cellotape and VHS tape on Plexiglass and foam (JD0064)
Bottom: Jacob Dahlgren Porto 1968, 2011 Clothes Hangers and aluminium (JDA0097)
Courtesy of the artists and Workplace Gallery, UK


Date: Thursday 18 July - Friday 6 September
Venue: Gallery@
Time: Monday - Saturday 10am - 5pm

David Batchelor, Jacob Dahlgren, Ian Davenport, Jennifer Douglas,  Dale Holmes, Gary Hume, David Leapman, Paul Merrick, Julie Newton, Yinka Shonibare, DJ Simpson and Richard Woods

Surface brings together a selection of paintings by established artists from the Arts Council collection which investigate the themes of painting, materials, surface and abstraction in order to present a recent history of these developments in art.

Recent large-scale survey exhibitions have demonstrated a renewed interest in artworks' materiality and surfaces, and a resurgent interest in abstract painting. Exhibitions such as the British Art Show 7: In the days of the Comet and The Indiscipline of Painting: International Abstraction from 1960 to Now presented works that complicate the distinctions between painting and sculpture and raised challenging questions about the processes and techniques of contemporary art production.

Jointly curated by the Gallery@ The Civic and British painter and PhD student at the University of Sheffield, Dale Holmes, Surface brings together a selection of paintings by established artists from the Arts Council collection - as well as emerging and mid-career local artists - which investigate the themes of painting, materials, surface and abstraction in order to present a recent history of these developments in art, and to help create new audiences for contemporary painting.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Jacob Dahlgren: 'Late Nights and Early Mornings' Kunstraum, London, UK

Image: Jacob Dahlgren Unit of Measurements, 2011 Tape Measures, (JDA0001) Courtesy of the artist and Workplace Gallery, UK


Late Nights and Early Mornings

With Willem Basselink and Jacob Dahlgren


Preview Opening

Friday 12 July 6 - 8.30pm


Thursday to Saturday 12:00 - 18:00


The second instalment of Late Nights & Early Mornings; Rotterdam-based artist Willem Besselink joins Swedish artist Jacob Dahlgren.

Jacob Dahlgren collects and produces patterns from within the world of consumer goods, his formal fascinations colliding with the distinction of high versus low culture in art and design.

Until then come by to enjoy Late Nights & Early Mornings: with Willem Besselink, running until 11 July.


15a Cremer Street
London E2 8HD
+44 (0) 7949 919 835

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Jo Coupe & Wolfgang Weileder: 'Building Dreams' Cragside Estate, Rothbury, Morpeth, UK

Above: Wolfgang Weileder Electric Movement in Water, 2013 Rubber dinghies, printed sails
Below: Jo Coupe Give and Take, 2013 Glass tanks, copper sulphate solution, copper pipes, electrical components and roses
Courtesy of the artists and Workplace Gallery, UK

Building Dreams

Wolfgang Weileder
Jo Coupe
rednile projects
Irene Brown

9 July 2013 - 3 November 2013

To mark the 150th anniversary of Cragside we're working with regional artists to produce three new commissions that are inspired by the story of Lord and Lady Armstrong and their pioneering dreams for the house and landscape.

Wolfgang Weileder, Electrical Movement on Water, 2013

Wolfgang Weileder's recent work is primarily concerned with the exploration and critical deconstruction of architecture, public spaces and the interactions we have with the ubiquitous urban environment. Focusing on large-scale temporary site-specific architectural installation and sculpture in the urban environment. His work also branches into performance, film, photography and sound installation.

As the title suggests the work refers to Lord Armstrong's electrical experiments carried out at the estate and published in his book: 'Electric movement in air and water: with theoretical inferences'. The work is located at Nelly's Moss Lake and highlights the site as a landscape feature and as the vital water supply used to power Armstrong's hydroelec­tric system.

The installation consists of three full size sailing dinghies floating on the lake. Each dinghy will have a double-sided printed sail. The images printed on the sails are taken directly from the photographic plates of electrical discharges published in Armstrong's 1897 book.

The installation and image details will be clearly visible to visitors walking along the path around the lake, constantly changing as the walk progresses. The juxtaposition of Lord Armstrong's photographs of his electrical experiments, the site of Nelly's Moss Lake as well as the manifestation of wind and air in the function, form and movement of the sailing ding­hies offer a new visual experience and interpretation on Armstrong's inventive and visionary spirit."

Jo Coupe, Give and Take 2013

Give and Take is a live sculpture which investigates the changeable nature of materials and considers electricity as an agent of life, movement and thought.

Five tanks are filled with copper sulphate solution and a live electrical current is passed through the liquid. A rose is suspended in each tank, and a forest of copper pipes complete the circuit. Over the course of the exhibition, a delicate fur of copper particles accrues on the roses, eventually rendering them unrecognisable and becoming so heavy that small piles of dust form on the tank beneath them.

The presence of Give and Take in the Electricity Room at Cragside connects to the original use of the space as a studio-laboratory for Lord Armstrong's explorations into electrical conduction. These experiments took place in the years following the death of his wife, Margaret and it's tempting to read his absorption in electricity as a Frankensteinian attempt to reanimate his lost partner. Contemporary experiments using electricity to make frogs legs twitch long after death, as well as the fictional efforts of Mary Shelley's anti-hero, trace these connections between life and electricity.

Give and Take touches on both the Romantic and the scientific ghosts of the Electrical Room and hopes to bring life, of a kind, back to the space.

Rothbury, Morpeth, NE65 7PX
Tel: 01669 620333

Joe Clark: '9 Ways To Say It's Over' 20 Farringdon Street, London, UK

Image: Joe Clark Sunset Sequence 1, 2013 C-type print on aluminium, (JCL0101) Courtesy of the artist and Workplace Gallery, UK

9 Ways To Say It's Over

Joe Clark
Sarah Dobai
Tess Hurrell
Leigh Ledare
Tim Mitchell
Heidi Specker
Stefan Zeyen

Private View 11th July 2013
12th July - 4th Aug 2013
Thursday - Sunday 12.00 - 18.00

20 Farringdon Street,
London, EC4

9 Ways To Say It's Over draws together digital and analogue photographic processes, initiating a discussion between these two techniques. The 'Over' of the title is in reference to the fact that a medium, any medium, can succumb to death as it is superseded by new technology. The 'Ways' refer to the many possible paths these contributing artists suggest, by denying us a self-contained image, and instead opening up routes that connect their work, through which we might move closer.

9 Ways to Say it's Over will take place in a new large scale exhibition space housed within the currently disused office buildings at 20 Farrington Street. The exhibition brings together seven international artists working in lens-based media. Joe Clark, Sarah Dobai, Tess Hurrell, Leigh Ledare, Tim Mitchell, Heidi Specker and Stefan Zeyen all seek to unravel Cartier-Bresson's decisive moment. The creative processes inherent in photography and cinema are subverted in their work, as methods are deconstructed and remade. As a single frame is cut adrift from a sequence, narrative slips out of kilter with meaning and traditional concerns such as chronology and scale are broken down. Works are deliberately installed in ways that invite the viewer to move in-between and around them; our view is obstructed before we move to a more focused vantage point.

Curated by Natasha Cox and Keira Greene

+44 (0) 7851 233108 / (0) 7814 886990