Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Joe Clark: '9 Ways To Say It's Over' 20 Farringdon Street, London, UK

Image: Joe Clark Sunset Sequence 1, 2013 C-type print on aluminium, (JCL0101) Courtesy of the artist and Workplace Gallery, UK

9 Ways To Say It's Over

Joe Clark
Sarah Dobai
Tess Hurrell
Leigh Ledare
Tim Mitchell
Heidi Specker
Stefan Zeyen

Private View 11th July 2013
12th July - 4th Aug 2013
Thursday - Sunday 12.00 - 18.00

20 Farringdon Street,
London, EC4

9 Ways To Say It's Over draws together digital and analogue photographic processes, initiating a discussion between these two techniques. The 'Over' of the title is in reference to the fact that a medium, any medium, can succumb to death as it is superseded by new technology. The 'Ways' refer to the many possible paths these contributing artists suggest, by denying us a self-contained image, and instead opening up routes that connect their work, through which we might move closer.

9 Ways to Say it's Over will take place in a new large scale exhibition space housed within the currently disused office buildings at 20 Farrington Street. The exhibition brings together seven international artists working in lens-based media. Joe Clark, Sarah Dobai, Tess Hurrell, Leigh Ledare, Tim Mitchell, Heidi Specker and Stefan Zeyen all seek to unravel Cartier-Bresson's decisive moment. The creative processes inherent in photography and cinema are subverted in their work, as methods are deconstructed and remade. As a single frame is cut adrift from a sequence, narrative slips out of kilter with meaning and traditional concerns such as chronology and scale are broken down. Works are deliberately installed in ways that invite the viewer to move in-between and around them; our view is obstructed before we move to a more focused vantage point.

Curated by Natasha Cox and Keira Greene

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