Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cath Campbell: Mostyn Open 18, Llandudno, Wales

Cath Campbell 'For I have known them all already, known them all" (#2,3,1) 2012, UV print on powder-coated aluminium, each 236 x 196 cm, Courtesy of the artist and Workplace Gallery


19 January 2013 - 14 April 2013

Selected by:
Alfredo Cramerotti, Director of MOSTYN

Adam Carr, Curator of MOSTYN
Ryan Gander, artist
and the visiting audience, for the People's Choice.

Participating artists:
Jacqueline Bebb
Jane Bustin
Cath Campbell
Tomas Chaffe
Danilo Correale
Sean Edwards
Alex Farrar
Claudio Gobbi
Gareth Griffith
The Hut Project
Yuki Kishino
Lawrence Leaman
James Lewis
Stuart Middleton
Edward Morgan
Philip Newcombe
John Henry Newton
Laura Reeves
Zhao Renhui
Hua Kuan Chen Sai
Chris Shaw-Hughes
Nikolaus Schletterer
Mathew Tom
Alaena Turner
Gwyn Williams
Jesse Wine

Since its inception in 1989, MOSTYN Open has functioned as a call-out to artists of any age and residing place to enter, with an exhibition of the selected artworks taking place at MOSTYN, and a prize of 10,000 GBP awarded to a single artist or collective.

While continuing in this tradition, this 18th edition will also bring a fundamental addition. A prize of 1,000 GBP will be given to the People's Choice, determined by the artist who receives the most votes from the visiting public during the exhibition's run. In doing so, the questions that are raised, and central to this renewed edition, are: How do we examine and judge artwork? What criteria do we bring to perceiving, interpreting and understanding artwork? What really makes our favourite? Visitors are invited to make their selection at the People's Choice voting booth.

12 Vaughan Street, Llandudno
LL30 1AB  Wales, UK
Hours: Tuesday -Sunday, 10:30 -5pm