Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Darren Banks and Ginny Reed in "Electrical Activity"

Electrical Activity:
Creative experiments with Lightning and Power

Star & Shadow Cinema, Ouseburn
Open Air Cinema, High Bridge

Preview Thursday 30th November 5-11pm

Electrical Activity
‘Electrical Activity’ is an exciting programme of classic and experimental film and art, investigating the electrical and cultural power of light. Films will be presented at public ‘Open Air Cinema’ screen in Newcastle’s High Bridge, in the Mobile Cinema caravan, and throughout the Star & Shadow Cinema.

Light is both the form and content of cinema, but rarely do we think about the electricity powering the projector, and its effect on our lives. The films and art works explore many different aspects of electrical power. Electricity occurs ‘naturally’ in the form of lighting and static energy, and is used to create a sense of magic, awe and wonder within film and photography. Water and glass can act as a prism for the projection of light and sequential images. Electrical light is the hallmark of cinema and forms the basis of many film distributors’ graphics. In narrative fiction, electricity is used to create monsters and special powers.

Lenin famously described Communism as Socialism plus electricity, highlighting the role of electrical power in implementing the infrastructure of the communist state. Harnessing electrical energy to create light has completely changed society and human behaviour: from media and information to altering work patterns. Yet we have not necessarily used it wisely, and take its presence for granted as a cultural as well as an energy provider.

On Saturday 2nd December Honor Harger will discuss ways in which artists have worked within the electromagnetic spectrum. Elin Wikström will present a proposal for a ‘Power Cut’ conceptualising a moment with no electric power.

For details on individual artworks and films: www.starandshadow.org.uk/ea

The Electrical Activity Programme is part of GLOW, NewcastleGateshead's festival of light: http://www.nva.org.uk/new-projects/glow/

Curated by Ele Carpenter with Natalie Frost and Flora Whiteley and the Star & Shadow Cinema. The Open Air Cinema is curated by the Star & Shadow Cinema and organised in association with Waygood Gallery and Studios. The Star & Shadow is supported by Arts Council England, and Newcastle City Council and the Ouseburn Development Trust.