Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Marcus Coates: "Dark Mirror" Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst

Friday March 30th from 17.00 h. opening
Dark Mirror
Carlos Amorales, Emmanuelle Antille, Marcus Coates, Mike Stubbs, Mark Wallinger
Works from the collection Rick Buckley, Charlemagne Palestine, Jeremy Drummond, Sebastian Diaz Morales, Sterling Rub y, Joanna Rytel and Servaas.
Exhibition from March 31 - May 20

Dark Mirror is a group exhibition that explores man and his social conditioning in relation to the animal nature of man. Internationally renowned artists guide us through the borderlands between rational man and brute beasts. This is a twilight realm where emotion and instinct come to the fore and social conditioning seems to ebb away. The participating artists respond, each in their own manner, to their environment, so that aspects such as social codes, nature and animal emerge as subjects in the works. More information:
Walking Conference
March 31
Man is a wolf to man. In cooperation with the Night of Philosophy
Conducted by philosopher Katja Rodenburg
Drawing on the works in the exhibition, we will be exploring the boundary in ourselves between man and animal. At what point can we say animals begin to become human, and where does man shade off into beast? Together with the French philosopher Georges Bataille (1897-1962) we will tackle this intriguing question, an issue that the first men already visualized in the paintings in the famous caves at Lascaux.
Your guides are: Katja Rodenburg (philosopher), Marga van Mechelen (art hi storian, University of Amsterdam) and Petra Heck (curator Netherlands Media Art Institute).
Start: 21.00 h.
Door open: 20.30 h.
Admission € 5,- (students 3,50)
Reservations T 020 6237101

Free entrance to the Walking Conference for visitors of the Night of Philosophy.

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