Friday, October 19, 2007

Eric Bainbridge: 'Etc.' Amagerfælledvej Art Project, Copenhagen


Eric Bainbridge (UK), Anna Barham (UK), Phyllida Barlow (UK), Jacob Dahlgren (S), Jason Dungan (UK) Peter Fillingham (UK), Ellen Hyllemose (DK), Max Hymes (UK), Charlotte Thrane (DK), Roy Voss (UK), John Wallbank (UK), Torgny Wilcke (DK).

Amagerfælledvej Art Project, Amagerfælledvej 40-42,
2300 Copenhagen.
6th October – 10th November 2007
opening : October 5th, 5-8 pm
curated by Sotiris Kyriacou

Amagerfaelledvej Art Project is pleased to present etc, a celebration of the continuing pertinence of the readymade and found materials in contemporary art.

Bringing together established and emerging artists from Britain, Denmark and Sweden, the exhibition is part of a visual arts festival which will take place amidst the faded grandeur of the halls of an ex post office headquarters on the island of Amager.

The title of the exhibition refers not only to the varied repertoire of everyday objects, materials, language and media used by these artists as starting points for their works, but also to the opening-up of empathy and association they bring to the fore through the dynamically unexpected and diverse approaches to their respective inventories.

Works which declare their provenance in the realm and materiality of the known and familiar at the same time manage to suggest a rich multiplicity of possibilities for engagement, through a wilful disrespect for conventional syntax.

etc is one of four exhibitions taking place concurrently at the venue before its redevelopment. The other exhibitions are :

- Maddag, with Camilla Nørgård, Lise Nørholm and Ellen Hyllemose.

- The Last Compositions at Amagerfælledvej, with Johanna Billing (S),
Tine Oksbjerg (DK), Susan Philipsz (UK), curated by Lotte Juul Petersen.

- Housewarming, curated by Anita Viola Nielsen and Simon Grimm.

This final season of exhibitions at Amagerfælledvej Project Space is co-ordinated by Torgny Wilcke and supported by The Danish Arts Council, Copenhagen City Council and The British Council.
For further information and images please contact Torgny Wilcke at