Monday, March 03, 2008

Darren Banks & Marcus Coates: "Art Futures" Bloomberg Space, London, UK

Bloomberg SPACE
50 Finsbury Square

ARTfutures Opening hours:
11am – 6pm daily
Except for Sunday and Monday 11am – 5pm
Late night opening Wed until 9pm

ARTfutures is a Contemporary Art Society project. A unique and un-missable event in the contemporary art calendar, each year, the Contemporary Art Society handpicks work by approximately 100 artists to form an exhibition of work for sale. Selected through a combination of exhaustive research including studio visits, ARTfutures offers a truly unrivalled opportunity to buy contemporary art, selected by the UK’s leading non-profit agency for independent advice on contemporary collecting.

With prices ranging from £500 to £5000, approximately 100 artists will contribute around 1000 works, all created in the last two years. ARTfutures is therefore ideal for those in the market for contemporary art. The selectors, curators and specialists from the Contemporary Art Society will be on hand at all times for information and expert advice.

To sign up for ARTfutures and Contemporary Art Society Newsletters please email

“We need artists that expose and exploit the mechanisms of wonder.”

– Nicky Hirst 2007, artist and ARTfutures 2008 co-curator

“I have huge confidence in the Contemporary Art Society and their independent curators. Over the years they have established a reputation for finding artists in early career. ARTfutures is not just good for artists, it is essential viewing for new collectors of contemporary art.”

– Cornelia Parker

“Every year I find at least one work I really love at ARTfutures. I always walk away with something that gives me endless pleasure. I like the fact that the exhibition is curated and independent, so you're not being pressurised to buy the Next Big Thing. It is about the art, not about big names. The people who show you around listen to what you say and find art that really appeals to you.”

– Tony Adams, former footballer