Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wolfgang Weileder: "Fold-up" Sunderland, UK

Wolfgang Weileder


a full-scale site-specific architectural installation
Sunniside Gardens, Sunderland UK,
June and July 2008

The latest in a series of architectural structures by artist Wolfgang Weileder, fold-up is a full-scale replica of 15 Norfolk Street which fronts onto the gardens. Reminiscent of an unfinished cut-out paper model, the artwork reveals the process, labour and skill of building as a visible experience. Fold-up offers a new perspective on the familiar and overlooked structures within the city, and creates a dialogue between the historic heart of Sunniside and the modern developments that are transforming this area of the city.

The project is being constructed and sponsored by Sunderland-based company r.Bau Ltd. Specialising in continental building technologies, their collaborations with Wolfgang Weileder have been an opportunity for r.Bau Ltd to demonstrate their workmanship throughout Europe. Company director Paul Webster and his team are particularly proud to be creating their most complex project to date for their home town. The speed with which fold-up will be built is achieved with dry-joint blocks which slot together without traditional mortar. For this project r.Bau Ltd will be joined by apprentices from Newcastle College, who are providing much of the joinery and roofing products and additional labour. Fold-up is a unique opportunity to learn a new technique and a high-profile showcase for their skills.

The project has been developed and supported by Sunderland City Council’s Arts Team and forms part of a major programme of temporary and permanent public art commissions throughout the city. When complete, the artwork will be open to the public for a sixteen day period, before being dismantled by r.Bau Ltd and the materials supplied to the construction college or recycled.

A documentary film and still photography will record the build process and the completed project, and these images will tour internationally to galleries and festivals. A publication of the project is also planned