Monday, March 16, 2009

E Bainbridge, D Banks, C Campbell, C Bertola, J Clark, M Coates, J Coupe, P Evans, L Lancaster, P Merrick: "Business Collectors Network Exhibition" UK

Business Network Collectors Exhibition

16-27 March 2009
Coopers Building
Westgate Road
Newcastle upon Tyne

including work by:
Eric Bainbridge, Darren Banks, Cath Campbell, Catherine Bertola, Joe Clark,
Marcus Coates, Jo Coupe, Peter J. Evans, Laura Lancaster, Paul Merrick

The network and the collection celebrates and supports contemporary art created by emerging
artists living and working in the North East and the galleries that represent them.
The exhibition will also feature additional works by the artists and limited edition prints of works
for sale from regional galleries.

Members of the Business Collectors Network
Arup, The Banks Group, Blue River, The Express Group,
NewcastleGateshead Initiative, Ryder, Sage PLC,
Ward Hadaway, xsite architecture