Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Marcus Coates & Chrome Hoof: Coronet Theatre, London, UK

Images: (Top) by Le Gun, (Below) by Nick David

A Ritual for Elephant & Castle

Coronet Theatre, 28 New Kent Rd, London SE1 6TJ

5th June 2009 7pm - 12am

Presented by Nomad, in association with Qu Junktions.

A Ritual for Elephant and Castle is a multi-dimensional live musical performance ritual. A collusion of artist / shape-shifter Marcus Coates and the thunder- rock and disco of the mighty Chrome Hoof.

In response to the plans for the Elephant & Castle area to be leveled and for it to rise up as a new urban vision, Marcus Coates together with Chrome Hoof and Wildbirds & Peacedrums will perform their unique brand of mesmerizing music.

The performance will feature the debut of a collaborative durational set jointly authored and composed by Chrome Hoof and Marcus Coates. For them, this gig is more than entertainment; it is a functional civic rite.

“As performers we have a responsibility to work for our audience, we want this show to serve a practical function - the exploration and expression of a collective imagination that sees this place for what it has been and influences how it could be.” Marcus Coates

Accompanied by a stuffed buzzard and a trombone, Coates has been staying with residents, sleeping out in the empty housing estates and consulting with businesses and the council, arming himself with information and experience to embody the area and act as a locater of insight into this time of transition.

Chrome Hoof are an infamous London based collective of musicians best known for their live performances which transcend the clich├ęs of contemporary rock music.

Over the years Chrome Hoof have grown in numbers, building an army of improvising multi-instrumentalists and generating a devoted cult following with their legendary live performances.

Through sound and spectacle, Chrome Hoof often induces their audiences into a trance-like state, for ‘A Ritual for Elephant and Castle’ Chrome Hoof will support Marcus Coates on his journey and assist him to articulate his findings.

Nomad was established in 2006 to facilitate new dialogues between artist, exhibition and the public domain. Nomad continually strives to build support structures for artists to explore non-traditional working and presentation methods. Their commissioning process is orientated towards increasing knowledge and experience for artists, collaborators and audiences alike.

The historic Coronet Theatre is a central focus of Elephant & Castle, it's one of the few buildings that will remain beyond the completion of the redevelopment masterplan.

For more information: www.nomad.org.uk

For tickets: www.ticketweb.co.uk