Thursday, March 04, 2010

Jennifer Douglas: 'The Short Score', DLI Museum and Durham Art Gallery, Durham UK

Jennifer Douglas

The Short Score

DLI Museum and Durham Art Gallery
Preview Friday 5th March at 6:00pm

The Short Score is a newly commissioned work by Jennifer Douglas that brings a sense of playful, but also demanding, investigation of 'matter' through her creation of intricate worlds of fantasy. Viewers are invited to test their boundaries and notions of objects and space, fiction and reality. Spanning drawing, sculpture, and installation, Douglas's work reveals structures of thought that are both abstract and literal.

Among the variety of ways in which artists produce their work, two predominate.  The artist may either engage in extensive research and planning prior to the work's execution, in which case the work's 'problems' have been more or less 'solved' in what might be called its preliminary design process; or, they may adopt a more intuitive approach, responding to materials and entering into an open dialogue with them as the work develops. It is the latter that characterises the working process of Jennifer Douglas. Such extemporization does not necessarily result, however, in the inconsistency or arbitrariness that one might expect from unregulated freedom.  Certain techniques, formal arrangements and aesthetic preferences recur, giving the artist's work - in this case Douglas's - the coherence of a virtual language. (Extract from Passage Through The Wood by John Calcutt)

Currently based in Gateshead, Douglas's recent projects include a billboard commission for the Jerwood Space in London and numerous international solo and group exhibitions including those at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Workplace Gallery, Gateshead,  and the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing.

The Short Score runs until Sunday 18th April