Thursday, October 28, 2010

Miles Thurlow: "DEADPAN", The Royal Standard, Liverpool, UK

The Royal Standard, Liverpool, UK
Liverpool Biennial 2010
28 October -28 November

Amidst a ridiculous tableau of minuscule beasts, repetitive streaks and a gargantuan lobster, DEADPAN presents several newly commissioned works produced especially for the exhibition.

From sloppy seconds to flying willies, aside institutional critique and the highly crafted sleek, DEADPAN expands The Royal Standards exhibition spaces, overflowing with large-scale sculptural works, drawing, installation, animation and performance alongside the inaugural presentation of work within The Royal Standard's Sculpture Garden; brought together for DEADPAN along with key works borrowed from collections including The Black Room, a seminal 7 piece installation by Jamie Shovlin, presented here for the first time on British soil.

With a good glug of irony and a sarcastic nod, DEADPAN gives a kick up the arse to the utter mess of an art world at a point of over saturation by questioning strategies used by artists to make new work. Considering mimicry and the referential alongside the blatancy of homage, DEADPAN presents with barefaced cheek a pastichised viewpoint of art with lampooning consequences; providing a glimpse into the dirty world of satire within contemporary art today. 

David Sherry
Jamie Shovlin
Jess Flood-Paddock
Jock Mooney
Josephine Flynn
Laura Ford
Laurina Paperina
Miles Thurlow
Noel Clueit
Toby Huddlestone

The Royal Standard
Unit 3, Vauxhall Business Centre
131 Vauxhall Rd
Liverpool L3 6BN