Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sophie Lisa Beresford: Film Screening, The Heuristics Laboratory, Sideshow, Nottingham, UK

Film Screening - Pizza Shop Dance

Sideshow, Nottingham

25 November 2010

In conjunction with exhibition
The Heuristics Laboratory 9th November - 2nd December

The Heuristics Laboratory would like to invite you to our inaugural exhibition, a series of experiments, exhibitions and events commissioned by Sideshow in the Malt Cross gallery, Nottingham.

Three experiments by three Nottingham based artists Georgie Park, Ruth Scott and Pete McPartlan will take place throughout November that use the Malt Cross gallery as a laboratory. We are presenting exhibitions and events that explore different modes of problem solving - persistence, intuition and trial and error. The exhibits will show intuitive interactions, work in progress and document genuine experiments as the artists play with an unfamiliar skill or process.


Tuesday 9- Saturday 13th Nov : In Telecine Pete McPartlan is using the gallery as an ad hoc laboratory to convert celluloid into pixels. Using home video equipment to seize control of the means of post production.

Tuesday 16- Saturday 20th Nov :  Ruth Scott's Line Walk is an exploration of balance and imbalance through learning to walk on a tight wire. A free standing tight wire structure shall be installed in the gallery space, where she shall engage in this practice. The struggle and tension of this process is presented through live performance and recorded footage.

Tuesday 23 - Saturday 27th Nov : In orchestrated rumination on her connection to the home, Georgie Park is incessently wood-turning until the last day of her exhibition, producing as many chair legs and banister poles at an electric lathe as she can. Her exhibition will show the results of her persistence.


Thursday 25th Nov from 8pm: Join us on the for a night of film and performance. With films by Phil Niblock, Melati Suryodarmo and more.

Thursday 2nd Dec from 8pm: The exhibition concludes with an evening showing the outcome of the three exhibitions with films, performances and the launch of our publication Lab Notes.

All events are free.

The Malt Cross, 16 St James Street, Nottingham, NG1 6FG


Sophie Lisa Beresford
still from Pizza Shop Dance, 2008
Single Channel Video
4 min 06 sec
courtesy of the artist and Workplace Gallery