Thursday, March 17, 2011

"Laura Lancaster", DLI Art Museum and Gallery, Durham, UK

22.01.11 - 13.03.11

DLI Museum and Durham Art Gallery
Aykley Heads
T. 0191 384 2214

Laura Lancaster

Laura Lancaster's works use photographs, slides and cine films of strangers - found in flea markets, junk shops etc. as their source, translating them into drawings, paintings and installations.
The translation of these lost images becomes at once a devotional act on the artist's part; an attempt at rescuing these images from obscurity. The appropriation of found imagery allows for a focus on the painting process itself and the exploration of the slippage between artistic intention and result, which is mirrored in the source material's own failure to carry out the task it was made for.
These are now the lost moments and memories of strangers which raise more questions than they answer, the moment in time they were made to fix is gone.


Laura Lancaster
Graphite on Paper
76 x 57 cm

courtesy of the artist and Workplace Gallery, UK