Friday, May 27, 2011

Matt Stokes: "Long After Tonight" Dundee Art Gallery & Museum, Scotland

Matt Stokes

Long After Tonight

The McManus
Dundee Art Gallery & Museum

Exhibition Dates: Sat 28 May to Sun 4 September 2010
Venue:Here and Now Gallery
Admission: Free

'Long After Tonight' is an award-winning film by Matt Stokes that draws on Dundee's history as the home of a strong Northern Soul scene. It documents a specially organised Northern Soul event held at 'Sallys' (St Salvador's Church in the Hilltown), a venue that was used during the 1970s for some of the City's first 'Northern' nights. This atmospheric film subtly connects the religious iconography of the church with the faith and passion required of the dance participants to keep their Northern Soul subculture alive. Premiered to widespread acclaim in 2005, this is the first time that the film has been shown since it was purchased by Dundee Art Galleries and Museums. It will be shown alongside original material from the Northern Soul scene.

Matt Stokes
Long After Tonight (Still), 2005
Super 16mm Film and Audio transferred to DVD
6 min 45 sec
Courtesy of the artist and Workplace Gallery, UK