Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Club Ponderosa at Workplace Gallery, Friday 24th June 8pm - 11pm

Club Ponderosa at Workplace Gallery


Skull Kontrol

Totem Recall

plus DJ's

24th June 2011
8pm - 11pm
admission free

Club Ponderosa is a hybrid space designed by Matt Stokes to operate as part meeting house, nightclub, theatre, village hall and social club. Stokes first established Club Ponderosa during an artist's residency at 176, London. Drawing from the history of the building which was formerly a Methodist Chapel, and once home to the famous London Drama Centre, the aim of the club was to create an informal and flexible social-space that would foster new encounters between groups, and act as a catalyst for the creation of events designed and programmed in collaboration with people living or working in the Camden area. Club Ponderosa was also home to MASS, a sound system fabricated from donated parts and online speaker designs, which was pivotal to the functioning of the club. Reworked for Workplace Gallery as part of Stokes' solo exhibition as a more sculptural experience Club Ponderosa and MASS will be activated by live performances by local bands and performers during the exhibition as well as incorporating footage and ephemera from previous events.