Saturday, November 12, 2011

Catherine Bertola: 'From Trash to Treasure' Kunsthalle zu Kiel, Germany

Catherine Bertola, After the Fact, 2006, Found dust and sound, Dimensions Variable, Courtesy the artist and Workplace Gallery

From Trash to Treasure

Kunsthalle zu Kiel

5th November 2011 - 5th February 2012

Catherine Bertola
Joseph Beuys
Karsten Bott
George Brecht
Jürgen Brodwolf
Pavel Büchler
Peter Buggenhout
Tony Cragg
Jürgen Drescher
Marcel Duchamp
Sylvie Fleury
Gilbert & George
Natascha Sadr Haghighian
Tina Hauser
Jan Henderickse
Robert Jacobsen
Ray Johnson
Asger Jorn
Arthur Køpcke
Igor and Svetlana Kopystiansky
Alicia Kwade
Urs Lüthi
Gordon Matta Clark
Olaf Metzel
Bruno Mouron & Pascal Rostain
Wilhelm Mundt
Vik Muniz
Raffael Rheinsberg
Gerd Rohling
Dieter Roth
Karin Sander
HA Schult
Kurt Schwitters
Daniel Spoerri
Johann Strandahl
Philip Topolovac
Jacques de la Villeglé
Wolf Vostell
Robert Watts
Diet Wiegman
Markus Zimmermann

The state of a civilization may be read from the way it deals with trash, as Jean Jaques Lacan put it. We are, so to speak, what we throw away. Degrading an object, a topic or a situation by labeling it trash, is a long-established strategy affecting all layers of society, and it is also a part of our contemporary everyday culture.

The recent financial crisis was accompanied by talk about trash papers, there is talk about trash slicks on the oceans, of space trash and trash culture. At the same time, issues like recycling, revaluation and diversified use of these residues are moving more and more into focus.

The exhibition From Trash to Treasure. The Value of the Worthless within Art presents a selection of artistic strategies dating from the early 20th century until today,  altogether dealing with trash - a topic equally hot politically, economically and  culturally - with its definition, its potential and its utilization.