Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Richard Rigg: The Inhabitant of the Watchtower, High Desert Test Sites, Joshua Tree, California, USA

CIRCA Projects presents

Richard Rigg: The Inhabitant of the Watchtower

High Desert Test Sites
Joshua Tree
California USA

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Mon 22 October at 01:08PM
Tue 23 October at 02:32PM
Wed 24 October at 06:52PM
Fri 26 October at 06:52PM
Sat 27 October at 07:22PM


The Inhabitant of the Watchtower is a durational project by artist Richard Rigg. A recording apparatus was installed in the barren stage of the Mojave desert in California the device employed there records, erases then plays sound. It takes a field recording, including extremely low and high frequencies; it erases those sounds within the human audible bracket, then it broadcasts that which is remaining ultrasonic sound.
This device remains in situ and will continue to broadcast an ultrasonic portrait of its environment indefinitely. A portrait void of information for a human audience but full of information out-with the physiological limits of our perception.
The audio is a field recording taken from beside the apparatus while it completes this process of recording, erasure then broadcast in the Mojave desert. It contains the ultrasonic sound broadcast by the devise, the static sound of the apparatus completing this task of sound erasure, as well as the other sounds around it, which the machine is erasing.

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Richard Rigg has recently had solo exhibitions: Lacuna at BALTIC, UK and Holography at Workplace Gallery, UK. He has recently exhibited as part of: Glamourie, PSL, UK; The Northern Art Prize, Leeds City Art Gallery, UK; and Quiet Works, Temple Contemporary, Philadelphia, USA.