Friday, August 02, 2013

Workplace Gallery represents Hugo Canoilas

Hugo Canoilas, Installation view, 30th São Paulo Bienal, 2012; Pássaros do Paraíso (River), Ink on canvas, 700 x 640 cm, DVD PAL, 10´. Loop. XVIII century carved wooden boat from the collection of the Sao Paulo City Museum. (HC0004)


We are delighted to announce that we now represent Hugo Canoilas


Egypt, 2012 Ink on Canvas, 168.5 x 122.5 cm, 66 3/8 x 48 1/4 in (HC0018)



Hugo Canoilas' work is strongly linked to the art historical evolution of early Modernism. Drawing upon the philosophy, poetry and foundational ideologies of this period Canoilas employs a wide variety of media informed predominantly by Painting. Canoilas' work seeks to represent a political and aesthetic convergence and moves towards a sensitisation of the viewer to the sociopolitical undercurrents that influence historical and contemporary culture.


Hugo Canoilas was born in 1977 in Lisbon, Portugal and studied at Caldasda Rainha, Portugal and the Royal College of Art, UK. 


Recent Exhibitions include: Spirit of the Air, Wiener Art Foundation, hosted by Kunstbuero, Vienna; Magma, Workplace Gallery, Gateshead, UK; Paradise Birds - 30th São Paulo Biennial - A iminência das poéticas, curated by Luiz Perez Oramas, Tobi Maier, André Severo and Isabela Villanueva, Museum Casa do Bandeirante, São Paulo; The isle of the dead, Quadrado Azul Gallery, Porto; Untitled (we can be altogether), curated by José Quaresma, MNAC - Chiado Museum, Lisbon; A painting is getting its kicks, 1M3, Lausanne; Endless Killing, curated by Chus Martinez. Huarte Contemporary Art Center; Vota Octávio Pato - Ten reasons to be a member, curated by Tobi Maier, Frankfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurt; Are you still awake?, curated by Emília Tavares, MNAC - Chiado Museum, Lisbon; Strata, curated by Francesco Stocchi, Sammlung Lenikus, Vienna; Infinite Tasks, curated by Paulo Pires do Vale, Gulbenkian Museum, Lisbon; Dear painter paint me - with heart and reason, curated by Kaszás Tamás. Trafó Contemporay Art Center, Budapest. Hugo Canoilas lives and works in Vienna, Austria. For further information on his work please contact:


Pássaros do Paraíso (Landscape), 2012,Ink on canvas (340 x 460 cm) Seats from the collection of the Sao Paulo City Museum displayed on an mdf structure, alongside reproductions of the same seats with found materials. Installation view, 30th São Paulo Bienal, 2012 (HC0005)






Last moments of a Bandeirante, 2012, Ink on Canvas, 320 x 420 cm,126 x 165 3/8 in (HC0006).

All images courtesy of the artist and Workplace Gallery, UK