Thursday, November 28, 2013

Hugo Canoilas: "dienstag abend" The Mews Project, London

Image: Hugo Canoilas The Provo Theatre Flyer 2012, Steel, Door, Paint, Shoe, Private Collection

dienstag abend



Djana Covic, Lucy Pawlak, Diana Policarpo, Alicja Rogalska, Fernando Mesquita, Mikael Larsson, Ben Washington, Kristian Nammack, Ben Cain, Carlos Noronha Feio, Ludwig Kittinger, Lukas Heistinger, Sophie Thun, Hugo Canoilas

What is Dienstag abend ?

d.a. is a flexible platform initiated by Fernando Mesquita and Ludwig Kittinger. Artists and other professionals are invited to different locations to form a collaborative ( co-labourative) structure to serve as a hub for research of artistic mechanisms and conditions relating to a situation.

Our focus is on leveling the process between idea and outcome in which the existing manner of spatial and/or social and/or any contextual situation serves as a foundation. We encourage participants to step out of their usual work patterns, as a suggestion, not a requirement.

Within the d.a. dynamics we recognize the action (activity/non-activity) as more relevant than the result. The project engages on forms of collaboration in order to: do things, or not, independently of whom or/and what. We are not seeking for types of collaboration that are based on collectively following some concept where a conclusion is the objective.

23 rd Nov-7th december Work in Progress at The Mews Project 1-3pm
28 th Nov Opening at The Mews Project from 5pm
29 th Nov Dienstag Abend takeover of ArtReview from 7pm