Friday, May 16, 2008

Catherine Bertola: "The Enchanted Moment" BALTIC Centre For Contemporary Art, Gateshead, UK

17 May - 25 May 2008
Catherine Betola, Karen Davies & Natalie Frost

BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art Gateshead Quays South Shore Road Gateshead NE8 3BA UK

The Enchanted Moment is a cluster of contemporary art exhibitions organised by VAF – Visual Arts Forum, North East. Three artists from the North East - Karen Davies, Natalie Frost and Catherine Bertola have transformed the level 5 viewing box with site-specific work.

Natalie Frost’s series of candy-coloured posters reveal the experiences of new mothers whose ‘enchanted moment’ was not the positive one commonly promoted. Catherine Bertola’s delicate designs will creep across the floor of Level 5 and are enlarged details of patterns from mass manufactured lace and templates used in hand making bobbin lace, contrasting the traditional and contemporary aspects of this fabric. Karen Davies has created a series of new drawings of British birds to introduce the idea of height and flight to the majestic Level 5 viewing box, and bring an element of nature to the architectural space of BALTIC.