Friday, May 16, 2008

Ginny Reed: "The Late Shows" Hatton Gallery, Newcastle, UK

The Late Shows
Saturday 17th May 7pm – 11pm
Hatton Gallery
Newcastle University
Exhibition continues until May 22nd

Through the looking glass and over the rainbow

Go home to drawing, to the breath, to the magic of thought spiralling out of a pencil or a pen. Only rarely do we stop to imagine the potential in a pencil or a jar of ink. Artists can draw in other materials in addition to ink, but what is consistent is that limited means always produces something beyond the materials. Always the potential multiplies.
Ginny Reed’s work is very generous to the viewer because it gives us an intensification of a moment in time. It is almost always most joyful. I once described her work to someone as consisting of the blessing of a moment. Her work is particularly ambitious in the context of the enchanted moment because she is taking the above text as fuel for the work.