Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mike Pratt: JAMBON, Cobalt Studios, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tuesday 1st December 5.30pm -9pm

Mike Pratt, Laura, 2009, Oil on Canvas, 162 x 132 cm


Cobalt Studios

Saturday 28th November to Sunday 29th November, 10am-5pm

JAMBON is a recently formed arts group consisting of five Fine Art graduates from Northumbria University, Newcastle.

Mike Pratt's paintings and sculptures immediately engage us with frank and achingly simple phrases borrowed from contemporary life. Pratt's work knowingly references abstract expressionism, pop art, the paintings of Richard Prince and Christopher Wool

Andrew Maughan makes paintings that reflect ironically upon the art world and current consumer culture. Employing anti aesthetic strategies, Maughan uses a pallet of garish colours and pastel tones to create a dystopic response to daily life.
Graeme Durant's work stems from personal reflections upon certain materials and their transformations. Durant reorders a formalist sculptural vocabulary of form, volume and matter to play host to personal memory and experience.
Richard Moat makes drawings and constructions based on his fascination with Arctic exploration and the romanticism that surrounds it.
Andrew Sandercock makes performances that are informed by his addiction with climbing and fixed gear cycling. Sandercock employs quixotic strategies to fulfill these desires and simultaneously create work.