Sunday, November 29, 2009

Workplace Gallery at NADA Art Fair 2009, Miami: Jo Coupe solo presentation

Workplace Gallery

NADA Art Fair 2009

Booth 715

December 3-6, 2009

The Deauville Beach Resort

6701 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach, FL 33141

Jo Coupe - Supernature

Workplace Gallery is pleased to present a solo presentation of work by British artist Jo Coupe.

Supernature is a major new installation that recreates electromagnetic and paranormal effects observed by Jo Coupe through the combination of jewelry, gold and silver-plated steel chain, furniture, and electromagnetic fields.

Exploiting the aesthetics and methodologies of Science, the recent work of Jo Coupe adapts simple experiments and subverts half-understood scientific ideas, plundering iconic imagery for its metaphorical significance. In her work, the school science experiment, alchemy, and a fascination with decay unite to reveal the world as a mysteriously rational place.

Continuing her investigations into the objects and symbols of ritual, magic and the everyday. Coupe's fascination with paranormal occurrences has led to extended periods of research into the powerful electromagnetic forces of the smelting rooms at one of the world's largest producers of aluminum and bauxite. In this unique environment coins levitate upwards, keys stick rigidly to walls, cameras produce ghosted and partially blacked out images, and video cameras distort unpredictably; all commonly documented symptoms of haunting or psychic activity.

By investigating the symbolic power of the object through a holistic knowledge of the natural world and its scientific, ritualistic, and poetic usage; Coupe's work takes on a political significance via the employment of the anti-rational and magic - traditionally the domain of witchcraft. The setting of her practice within the macho environment of heavy industry, and her use of commonplace and domestic objects conflate two stereotypically gendered positions to move towards an analysis of objects, and the cultural and social forces at play that pervade the meanings we commonly ascribe to them.

Jo Coupe was born in 1975 and studied Fine Art at Newcastle University and at Goldsmiths College, London. She lives and works in Gateshead, UK. Recent exhibitions include Fade Away and Radiate at Workplace Gallery, An Archaeology at 176 in London, Tatton Park Biennial, Give and Take at Firstsite, Colchester, and You Shall Know Our Velocity at BALTIC, Gateshead. In 2008 she was awarded best artist at 101 Tokyo in 2008 presented by Joseph Kosuth.


Jo Coupe

Supernature, 2009 (detail)

Jewelry, Furniture, Hooks and Fixings, Gold and Silver Plated Steel Chain, Table, Electromagnetic Field


Photo: Wig Worland, Copyright The Artist

Courtesy of the artist and Workplace Gallery, UK