Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Banks, Bainbridge, Bertola, Campbell, Coupe, Douglas, Lancaster, Merrick, Pratt: "Business Collectors Network" Globe Gallery, Newcastle, UK

Business Collectors Network Exhibition
Globe Gallery, Newcastle
15th October - 26th November 2011

Darren Banks
Eric Bainbridge
Catherine Bertola
Cath Campbell

Alex Charrington
Jo Coupe
Jennifer Douglas

Jorn Ebner
Dan Holdsworth
Ben Jeans Houghton
Laura Lancaster
Paul Merrick

Jock Mooney
Michael Mulvihill
Stephen Palmer
Simon Parish
Mike Pratt
Anne Vibeke Mou

This show brings together all of the Business Collectors Network's aquisitions for the first time.  All artists in the collection are either living or working in the North East of England.

The Sponsors Club works to increase private sector engagement in culture in the North East by advocating, researching, creating and developing partnerships to support individuals and businesses to engage, give money, time and expertise; and give cultural partners skills, structures and engagement tools. The Business Collectors Network is one of these partnerships.

The partners in the network are:

Arup, Blue River, The Express Group, NewcastleGateshead Initiative, Ryders, Sage plc, Ward Hadaway, Banks Group and Xsite Architecture.

Mike Pratt
Snakes On A Plane (Cumberland Sausage), 2009
Oil and spray paint on canvas
228 x 170 cms
89.83 x 66.98 inches