Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sophie Lisa Beresford: 'Empty Orchestra', Eastside Projects, Birmingham, UK

Sophie Lisa Beresford, Pizza Shop Dance, 2008, Single Channel Video, 04:06 minutes looped, Courtesy of the artist and Workplace Gallery

Empty Orchestra

Curated by Georgie Park & Samuel Rodgers

13 - 23 October,

Eastside Projects, Birmingham, UK

Empty Orchestra is the literal translation of karaoke. This Second Gallery exhibition will be a working lounge bar including works by Dom Allen, Sophie Lisa Beresford, Stephen Cornford, Petra Cortright, Flat Soufflée, Rob Gawthrop, Christopher Gladwin, Laura James & Samuel Rodgers, Maria Minerva, Pete McPartlan, Oneohtrix Point Never, Alex Peverett and Gillian Wylde.

Artists interrogate, dismantle, displace, replace and rebuild the tools and contexts of musical performance. From the use of instruments in extended ways, and playful explorations of audio/visual interferences, to work that abandons precision to embrace 'shoddiness', the exhibition brings together the slick and the shabby, the engineered and the experimental.


7-8.30pm Saturday 15 October
Jack Harris & Samuel Rodgers / Robert Curgenven & Katrin Bethge

7-9pm Friday 21 October
Dom Allen / Flat Soufflée / ICASEA-Yperdimensional Taikyokuken

7-8.30pm Saturday 22 October
Rob Gawthrop Pete McPartlan

Part of The Event and Supersonic Festival