Friday, January 10, 2014

Cecilia Stenbom: "The Case" LEFTFIELD & LUSCIOUS, ICA Cinema 1, London Short Film Festival, UK

Image: Cecilia Stenbom The Case 2013 Single Channel HD Film. Duration: 8 Minutes 53 Seconds. Courtesy of the artist and Workplace Gallery, UK 


The 11th London Short Film Festival

The London Short Film Festival is renowed for its daring cross-arts programming, showcasing the very best of the country's raw talent. Now in it's 11th year, the BAFTA affiliated festival provides a platform for the UK's young creative talent and plays a significant role in the UK Film Calendar.

Recognised as the biggest UK based Short Film Festival, LSFF will take place over ten days at around twenty major London venues from 10th - 19th January 2014, combining independent shorts, live music, training and parties.

LEFTFIELD & LUSCIOUS Our popular Sunday matinee screening of the best in new experimental shorts, from stunning animations to groundbreaking artists work.

Sun 12 Jan 16:00 ICA, Cinema 1
The Mall, London


Katerina Athanasopoulou 5 mins
Plato likens the human soul with a cage, where knowledge is birds flying. A flock of birds circles and moves a cage vehicle, seeking escape from a city half finished and abandoned, with roads interrupted by fragments of fallen statues. As Europe seems to be imploding, this is my portrait of Athens

Tony Hill 2 mins
Bike' explores some different ways of looking at riding a bicycle. A form of visual relativity is created by fixing the camera inside the wheel, to the pedal and floating above the head of the rider. With these new perspectives this simple activity is transformed.

Cecilia Stenbom 8 mins
The Case brings together extracted scenarios from a fictitious police investigation with views and perceptions of crime. The script was developed from transcripts of conversations with the public. The Case is a deliberately hybrid work that mixes professional actors with real people, sampling fiction and reality to create a complex and open-ended narrative.

Huishu Jia 3 mins
John Cage said "everything we do is music" Lots of elements from our original everyday life contain music's poetic and enjoyable beauty. Rooms, staircases and hallways are parts of the architecture we come across everyday. Sound is generated as they are used. Collaborating with a composer in order to create an orchestra from people living in a piece of architecture.

Kate Jessop 2 mins
A young man comes to terms with his sexuality and confronts his bully in his home neighbourhood of Merton (London). Specially commissioned for the Southbank Festival of Neighbourhood 2013, adapted from the poem by Richard Scott.

Michal Sulima 6 mins
"If it's not in frame, it doesn't exist" - F. W. Murnau, Shadow of the Vampire. Frame is an experimental art-house hybrid, a homage to and a commentary on cinema and its narrative powers, that uses cliches, deception and cinematic tools of manipulation to talk about interpretation and narratives that inevitably rule our perceptions. A graduation piece of College of Communication's Photography course, the film was nominated to the Best of the Show 2013 at University of the Arts London and highlighted by producer Michael Wilson, filmmaker William Raban and Metro Imaging among others.

Antonia Attwood 3 mins
How does one define the limits of the Estuary? It's not easy to determine where it ends and where it begins. Filmed in a tank with found objects, From the Mouth is a visual language, communicative of notions of history and mystery where the Thames meets the North Sea.

Sam Campbell 7 mins
Music video for a track from Roly Porter's debut album, Aftertime. Giedi Prime is a fictional planet from sci-fi book, Dune, by Frank Herbert. The planet was once like earth yet became uninhabitable forcing the last humans off the planet. We see through the eyes of one of these last humans as the natural world deteriorates around him.

Ross Hogg 4 mins
Using only charcoal and three sheets of A1 paper, The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat is an animated adaptation of Oliver Sacks' seminal work, describing a unique neurological oddity

Christine Hooper 5 mins
Four in the morning, crapped out, yawning.

Ioanna Eirini Mitropoulou 4 mins
A room like no other, once in, reality in the form previously experienced is no longer possible. The woman has entered the room. She is transported to realms and places that bring with them reminders of the world she wishes to construct. And then there is the material realm, someone is trapped, the golden cage seems more comforting than ever.

Runyararo Mapfumo 4 mins
A young man suffering from an existential crisis removes himself from society in order to search internally and find the meaning of life. Whilst doing so he discovers more that he'd anticipated.

Tony Hill 2 mins
SEA is a meditation on the constancy of the rhythms and ever-changing movement of the sea as waves break on the shore at different locations in Cornwall. It is a hypnotic new perspective on a timeless manifestation of the forces of nature.

David Stewart 10 mins
A roaming man takes on unusual characteristics after a loss, seeking comfort in familiar places. On his journey he moves through cold, uncomfortable environments and into warmer, friendlier surroundings. Acquaintances stand silent, and question his relevance to them, but have his flirtations with comfort left him with more burdens to deal with? Is this a metaphor for one of his many previous lives?

Max Hattler 1 mins
Do you need more proof? Sensational crystal-clear footage of shape-shifting UFOs recorded under the influence in Farra di Soligo, Veneto, Italy!

Anna Blandford 9 mins
A European photographer in Colombia takes portraits of street prostitutes against their wishes. The portraits are exhibited in London where the gallery environment obscures the moral problem of their creation. Documentary footage then shows the film's directors' persuading the reluctant Colombian prostitutes to take part in the filming for money. Is the fictional story or the real creation of the film morally wrong?

Toby Tatum 3 mins
A World Assembled represents Toby Tatum's creation of an improbable realm, stitched together from a kit of warring elements into a fantastic whole.