Friday, September 08, 2006

Catherine Bertola in 'Fine & Fashionable'

Fine & Fashionable
Saturday 9th September until Sunday 29th April

Fine & Fashionable features one of the world's largest collections of lace. It was put together in the 19th century by the father and son, Anthony and Arthur Blackborne, master lace dealers. Trading from premises in South Audley Street, London, they sold to the fine and fashionable around the world.

This celebration of lace shows more than 200 pieces from The Blackborne Collection, many never before on public view. The Collection has been generously given to the Museum by descendants of the Blackborne Family.

Presented with work by Vivienne Westwood and by British artist Catherine Bertola, the lace is shown with Fine & Decorative Arts from The Bowes Musuem and from the V&A. A new generation of design is represented by Northumbria University Fashion Marketing Students, University of Sunderland Glass Department and Cleveland Collecge of Art and Design.

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