Friday, September 08, 2006

Catherine Bertola in 'No Place Like Home'

"no place, like home"
9 Sept–1 October 2006
The title of the 2006 Beacon project is 'no place, like home' in which the interplay of the possibilities of home being a specific location or a state of mind are explored.

A series of commissioned temporary artworks by Jordan Baseman, Catherine Bertola, Lucy Gibson, Jane Porter, Adele Prince, Jennie Savage and Roy Voss will be at hidden heritage sites in and around Boston, Lincolnshire.

Over the course of the four weekends there will be a programme of performance art by Melissa Bliss, Gitte Bog, Lucy Clout and Lorrice Douglas.

Catherine Bertola
Bridge Farm, Bicker
Responding to the architecture and history of Bridge Farm, Bicker, Bertola will look beyond the immediate appearance of the debris and dust inside this abandoned house. Her interest is in the traces of past lives left behind and what is hidden beneath the surface, identifying and responding to these lost narratives. By subtly intervening in the space her installation in the front room of this house will create the possibility for the construction of other narratives.

Access to the art and sites is through the FREE return Beacon coach excursion which departs from Boston railway station on Saturdays and Sundays at 12.30 pm.