Sunday, September 24, 2006

Eric Bainbridge & Miles Thurlow in "Legacies of Dissolution" at Colony, Birmingham

'Untitled (Sculpture)' Miles Thurlow, 2005, No More Nails Adheshive, Found Chipboard Plinth, Emulsion, Gloss Paint.

Legacies Of Dissolution

10 October - 12 November 2006
85 Spencer Street, Birmingham, B18 6DE, UK

Terry Atkinson
Eric Bainbridge
Emma Barlow
Casey & McAree
Kev Rice
Miles Thurlow
Neil Zakiewicz

The exhibition considers the (interesting) problem of what an individual work is trying to say in the context of a gathering of works, and the further problem of the disparity between the intentions of a thematic gathering and the voices of individual works.

Too often the idea of a group show is to suggest that there are shared interests - that this valiant curatorial effort is a reflection of artistic groundswell. But what if we are trying to enforce a different set of resources back onto individual works, to see how they stand up? And what if these individual works are too belligerently trying to side-step some sense of the markers of interpretation?

Taking the idea of materials and a renegotiation of post-Modernist legacies as the show's starting point, Colony brings together eight artists whose interests lie with questioning some sense of the possibilities and accepted boundaries of art practice.