Monday, October 27, 2008

Catherine Bertola & Peter J. Evans: "Beautifully Crafted", National Glass Centre, Sunderland, UK

`Beautifully Crafted'
October 25 2008 – February 22 2009
Preview Friday October 24, 6 - 8pm.

10th Anniversary Open Weekend
25 & 26 October 2008 1am - 5pm
A weekend of tours, talks and demonstrations.

In 2008, National Glass Centre enjoys its 10th Anniversary. To
celebrate this and the work it does to support artists make, show and
sell their work, National Glass Centre is launching `Beautifully
Crafted'; an exhibition of ingenuity, exquisite workmanship,
innovation and delight, along with a weekend of special events.

Before the Industrial Revolution artisans were the dominant producers
of goods, handcrafting functional as well as ornamental items that
fulfilled a universal desire for beautiful objects. `Beautifully
Crafted' explores the innovative ways contemporary artists and
designers create works that fuse cultural histories and ancient
techniques with new technologies and new ways of working.

It will bring together the work of established and emerging artists,
designers and businesses from the UK, across Europe and beyond, who
are experimenting in a range of materials and form that pay homage to
bygone traditions, artisan techniques and display a meticulous
attention to `making'; from glassmaking to taxidermy, lacemaking to

NGC invited a range of curators, artists/designers and writers, to
choose an artist whose work they felt fitted within the philosophy and
premise of `Beautifully Crafted'. Along with research undertaken by
the NGC curatorial team, seventy artists are included in the
exhibition, working with around 20 different traditional techniques.
The exhibition will feature antique furniture and objects from the
late 18th and early 19th century, courtesy of The Bowes Museum
collection as well as objects from Beamish Museum's archive.

Beatifully Crafted Artists:
Kathleen & Nick Abbott, Michael Anastassiades, Louise Batchelor, Lise
Bech, Catherine Bertola, Martin Blenkin, Sarah Cant, Chien-Wei Chang,
Jonathan Chiswell Jones, Jennifer Collier, Jacqueline Cullen, Dot Sim,
John Edwards, David Ersser, Peter J Evans, Liam Flynn, Nora Fok, Eri
Funazaki, George Smith, Gillies Jones Glass, Michael Golding, Mia E
Goransson, Karina Hesketh, Magie Hollingworth, Sarah Hutchison,
Industreal, Grace Jacomb, Paul Jewby, Ditte Johansson, Jessamy Kelly,
Anna S King, June Kingsbury, Bovey Lee, Jennifer Lee, Carlyn Lindsay,
Beth Lipman, Malin Lundmark, Nicola Malkin, Joanna Manousis, James
Maskrey, Massey & Rogers, Maya Romanoff, Rupert McBain, Kelly
McCallum, Einav Mekori, Annie Millar, Michelle Ni, Lyn Randall,
Reptile Tile & Ceramics, Kait Rhoads, Stephen Richards, Riyaz Design,
Anthony Roussel, Mark Rowney, Henrietta Rose Samuels, Lucy May
Schofield, Cosima Sempill, Sheldon:Cooney, Urh Sobocan, Paul Stone,
Laura Strasser, Melanie Tomlinson, Jessica Townsend, Flora Vagi,
Sylvie Vandenhoucke, Anne Walker, Ceal Warnants, Kathryn Wightman,
Kate Williams, Robin Wood.

Some of the techniques and materials featured in the exhibition
include; Ceramics and Glassmaking, Wood Turning, Basketry, Furniture
design & making, Papermache, Millinery, Silversmithing, Book-binding,
Textiles, Wallpaper, Parquet & Floor design, Taxidermy, Upholstry, Bag
making, Leather working, shoemaking, Lace making, Stitiching, Automata


Liberty Way, Sunderland, SR6 0GL
0191 515 5555
0191 515 5532
NGC Reception: 0191 515 5555