Monday, October 27, 2008

Wolfgang Weileder: "Le Terme", Ciocca Arte Contemporanea, Milan, Italy, Leuven, Belgium

le Terme
a time based site-specific architectural installation
Ciocca Arte Contemporanea, Milan Italy
October 08

Builders from R. Bau UK aided by architecture students from Politecnico di Milan are simultaneously constructing and de-construct a section of Diurno Venezea, a derelict 1920’s public bathhouse at Piazza Oberdan. The historical architecture that lies forgotten underneath the surface is revealed in a performative gesture and the square's surface becomes the mirror of memory: Diurno is upturned like an image reflected in the water. The sculpture will directly reference shape and scale of the bathhouse below (five metres high and sixty metres long).

Whilst reflecting the permanence and immobility of the remains below, Le Terme is a structure of constant movement where walls appear and disappear and the construction of the monumental becomes a visible experience, encouraging a public discussion about the city's forgotten spaces. terme