Monday, October 27, 2008

Peter J. Evans: "WHAT WE CAN'T SEE INFLUENCES BEYOND OUR REACH" ACA (Allenheads Contemporary Arts), UK

What we can't see influences beyond our reach

Peter J. Evans

Saturday 18th October 2008, 2-5pm, at ACAshop

In the summer of 2007 Peter J. Evans applied for one of the first Base Elements residencies at Allenheads Contemporary Arts. His proposal, titled Mountains into grains of sand was an attempt to draw out the familiar patterns weaving through all things and examine how scientific principles could lend support to existential philosophies and social theories. The idea was to find examples of these overlaps. However, on starting the project it quickly became apparent that due to the necessary rigidity of the scientific method, such overlaps, would need theories of how they might function; and ways of testing them. In short, Evans’ project would have to become reductionist and rigid and this fundamental switch would have moved the project away from its intention.

The proposal then, got placed on the back burner and for a while a front ring remained unlit. Over this period many books were read, on quantum physics, cultural theory, essays on silence and the more information gained the more lost and found the project became until it was clear that lost and found was a good enough fuel to burn.

Utilizing his drawing practice in which works, “are formed by diagrammatic processes and artificial systems are used to chart and delineate abstract concepts such as human relationships, memory and beauty,”[1] Evans has made a work in which the hidden may at moments become visible, links disappear and appear depending on the light and as in the quantum world things influence our experience without their presence being seen.

Peter J. Evans lives and works in Newcastle Upon Tyne. He has recently exhibited at Spacex Exeter, Seventeen London, Baltic and Workplace Gateshead.

Exhibition continues Sunday 19th, Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th October, 2-5pm. For further details please contact:

Allenheads Contemporary Arts
The Old Schoolhouse
NE47 9HR
01434 685040